PPTA Human Resource Toolkit

PPTA Human Resource Toolkit


Hiring Policy

  1. Hiring Policy (Amtran)
  2. Hiring Policy (SCTA)

New Hire Checklist

  1. New employee checklist (Amtran)


  1. Advertisement web (Amtran)
  2. Advertising Policy (SCTA)


  1. Extended application (Amtran)
  2. Initial application (Amtran)

Job Descriptions

  1. Dispatcher_Description (SAFTI)
  2. JD - Bus Operator (Amtran) (2)
  3. JD - Driver Dispatcher (Amtran) (3)
  4. JD - Maintenance positions (Amtran) (1)
  5. Mechanic_Description (SAFTI)
  6. Vehicle_Operator_Description (SAFTI)
  7. Vehicle_Washer_Description (SAFTI)

Interview Questions

  1. Interview Questions (Amtran)

Job Offer/Turn Down Letters

  1. job offer and terms of employment letter (AMTRAN)
  2. Turndown letter (Amtran)


  1. Disclosure (Amtran)

Employee Information Form

  1. employee info form (Amtran)

Qualification File

  1. qualification file - 3 years
  2. qualification file - entirety

Admin/Personnel Policy

  1. Admin Policy (Amtran)
  2. Personnel Policies (Amtran)
  3. Personnel Policy (SCTA)

D & A Policy

  1. Drug & Alcohol Policy (RRTA)
  2. Substance Abuse Policy (Amtran)

Salary Policy

  1. Salary Basis Policy (Nagy)

FMLA Policy

  1. Family & Medical Leave Policy (Amtran)


  1. Modified Duty-Return to Work (Amtran)

Discipline Policy & Reports

  1. Incident Report (AMTRAN)
  2. Employee Response (AMTRAN)
  3. Disposition (AMTRAN)
  4. Disposition with policy (AMTRAN)
  5. Discipline (AMTRAN)
  6. Progressive Discipline - AMTRAN

Harassment Policy

  1. workplace harassment policy (Nagy)

Separation Checklist

  1. Separation checklist (AMTRAN)

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

  1. Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Indigo)




This PPTA toolbox is a resource directed to transit operations.  However, this toolbox must be customized for your organization and should be independently reviewed for applicability to your particular agency.   The toolbox is not intended to be legal advice.  The information in the toolbox will be updated periodically, but PPTA cannot guarantee an update schedule there each agency using this toolbox must consult with routine updates  and any legal changes that may apply based upon that organization's governmental or private status and the number of employees at each company.