"Why Should You Be a Voice for Public Transit?"- video



Suggested Low-Cost Activities to Incorporate Message and Artwork

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  • Social Media:

    • Incorporate the campaign into your Facebook Page by including the artwork as the basis for your cover photo.
    • Develops posts that include the artwork, along with a link to the www.publictransportation.org website and, if possible, make note of area-specific statistics that add value to the message.
    • Hold a social media contest asking riders to express what public transportation means to them with regard to the themes presented in the artwork.
    • Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and push the messages that are sent out by APTA on your own page.

    • Use common hashtags when posting (#growwithtransit, #voices4transit)
  • Incorporate the message (carefully) into promotion for Dump the Pump Day, or change your message for Dump the Pump Day to be one that focuses on this one.

  • Incorporate articles focusing on the message into monthly rider newsletters, blogs, website announcements, etc.

  • Reach out to local print media and local staff writers, and contact groups like free monthly magazines or weekly newspapers, and ask them to write an article focusing on the message.  Or, offer to write one for them.

  • Advertising

    • If space allows, place the provided artwork on the exteriors or interiors of your buses, in office windows, on bus shelters, etc., or other space you have available.

    • Place ads or banners on your website with a link to the www.publictransportation.com website

    • Print loose flyers for on the buses and have them available for riders as they board.

    • Use your rider alerts systems via text and email if you have them.

  • Four advertisements that can be used in the media can be found here.           

  • Place links on your website and Facebook page to offer resources to your riders using Savings calculators


  • Get your riders involved by sharing this link.  Access to various other resources can be found here as well:

If you have difficulty tailoring the artwork to include your agency's logo, etc., please feel free to contact any of the following PPTA Marketing & Communication Committee members for help:  


Ashley Altemare, Mid Mon Valley (Chair)
(724) 489-0880


Jackie Sheader, CATA
(814) 238-CATA(2282) ext. 141


Jenna A. Reedy, rabbittransit
(717) 849-0708