2017 Spring Conference Postconference Page


This year's event was held

April 24 - 27, 2017

at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

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Click to download presentations from some of the speakers:

  • Encouraging Seniors and Persons with Disabilities to Use Fixed-Route Transit - A Case Study in Project Funding and Design [PowerPoint]
  • Handling Workers' Compensation Claims [PowerPoint]
  • Critical steps for safe operation and Maintenance of Natural Gas Bus Fleets [PowerPoint]
  • New Payment Technology at SEPTA and Port Authority [PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2]
  • Emerging Trends in Wheelchair Transportation: New securement Technology [PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2]
  • Functional Capacity exams – Should Your Agency Consider them [PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2, Word Doc]
  • Improving system Performance Through Enhanced Connectivity and Urban Design [PowerPoint]
  • Revolutionizing Title VI Analysis [PDF]
  • Mobility Device Securement Training for Trainers, Operators & Supervisors
  • Act 44 Performance Review, What You Need to Know {PowerPoint]
  • Enhancing Driver Visibility
  • Accessible Transportation for Job seeker with Disabilities [PowerPoint]
  • Federal Transit Administration Updates [PowerPoint]
  • "INFOtransit" – a new way to communicate with your ridership [PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2]
  • TSA programs and General Security Awareness Training
  • Perspectives on Advocacy [PowerPoint]
  • Accounting and Reporting Standards Update [PowerPoint]
  • Accessibility, Safety, Regulations and Implication on Graphics – A Practical Solution [PDF]
  • Employers Perspective on Transit and Commuting Options [PowerPoint]
  • CNG P3 – One Year In [PowerPoint]
  • Law Changes Affecting Commercial Drivers (CDL): An Open Forum Discussion
  • How Maintenance and Operations Managers Can Keep Pace in the Evolution of Transit [PowerPoint]
  • APTA & CTAA National Association Updates {PowerPoint]
  • The Act 129 Energy Efficiency Incentive Program – How it can benefit Transit Agencies in Pennsylvania [PowerPoint]
  • All Aboard! Models for Integrating Ride Sharing and Public Transportationn [PDF]
  • Quick serve online for the Maintenance Managers [PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2, PDF]
  • Catastrophic Plans and What You Need to Know [PowerPoint]
  • Human Trafficking [PowerPoint, PDF 1. PDF 2]
  • Board Reporting Best Practices {PowerPoint, Excel File]
  • Transit Labor Update [no presentation]
  • Knowledge Is Power: 45 Minute Re-charge of Ecolane for Managers [PDF]
  • Legal Update and Best Practices For Transit Agencies [PowerPoint]
  • Signal Technologies/TSP [PowerPoint, PDF]
  • PennDOT's standard Fixed Route Rider survey : The First 3 Years [PowerPoint]
  • Latest innovations in ITS technology for transit [PowerPoint]